Xanadu Weyr - Ushering in the Future

Xanadu Weyr is settled near Caspian Lake on the Southern Continent, near the northern shore of the Sea of Azov. A technological haven, Xanadu is the most modern of the Weyrs, relying on the sun and rivers alike to power their electric lights and to heat their artificial Hatching Sands. Xanadu is also home to the Dragonhealer’s Annex, where Pern’s finest study reproductive issues in golds, while attempting to determine why some eggs are simply not viable. Dolphineers, Harpers, Healers, and Beastcrafters alike call the Xanadu region home – the self-sufficient Weyr having a place for anyone who’ll put in an honest day of work, as well as many who don’t.

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Current Staff Members:

IC Staff:
Senior Weyrwoman: Risali
Weyrleader: R'hyn
Junior Weyrwomen: Nessalyn, Citayla, Rhodelia

OOC Staff: Citayla, Nessalyn, Rhodelia, R'hyn, Risali

Recent Activity

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For more recent activity, feel free to check out our Logs Page!

Activity Hours

Xanadu Weyr's activity tends to extend from mid-morning Eastern time through late evening, depending on the day and activities planned.

Beholden Areas

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Black Rock Hold
Hannista Hold
Ressac Beach Hold
Rubicon River Hold
Dolphincraft Hall
DragonHealer's Annex

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