Wood Craft

Carving out a Living


Craftmaster Oaklen (nickname Woody) (NPC) - A 7'3" man from Wood Craft with short red hair and large brown eyes and flabby build. His wardrobe is practical and mostly pink and his personality is jumpy, yet prissy

CraftSecond Weslo (NPC) - a 5'5" man from Tillek Hold with frizzy brown hair and hooded brown eyes and overmuscled build. His wardrobe is embroidered and mostly pink and his personality is depressive, yet suave. (why does Woody make me dress like this?)


Device: On a white field, a forest green Conifer

Description: With thread decimating plant life 50 turns out of 250, hardwoods (except the Skybroom) did not evolve on Pern. Many species of hardwoods were brought to Pern by the original colonists. The Lord Holders of Lemos, during the interval between threadfall, propagated hardwood stands. During the 9th pass, a progressive Benden weyrleader persuaded the other weyrleaders to safeguard the forests for their commercial value. This protection of the forests led to the creation of the WoodCraft Hall when members of the SmithCraft Hall moved to Lemos to work with this flexible and important commodity. Now, turns later, the WoodCraft Hall is a fully independent and functional Crafthall. It provides raw lumber for a variety of uses as well as beautifully crafted wood furniture. It produces oils and varnishes for the care of wood as well as stains and dyes to color it. It makes the blank wood that Holds and Halls use to create their marks and lastly, it is currently the sole producer of soap on Pern.

SubCrafts: PaperCraft Hall

Exports: Wooden furniture and other items made from wood. Lumber and good carving and woods used in instrument making.

Beholden To

Benden Weyr

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