Benden Weyr


Status: NPC ONLY!
Coordinates: 9, 52N

Benden Weyr is NPC and cannot be built or used as a stage for roleplay.

Fort Weyr


Status: Open
Coordinates: 3.5, 30N

The first of all Weyrs to be established in the first pass after the riders and dragons at Fort Hold outgrew their living space there. The first WeyrLeader was Sean Connell with bronze Carenath and his wife Sorka, rider of gold Faranth became the first WeyrWoman. Fort Weyr has weathered time well and in these days still mantains the grandeur it once had. Located in the Great Western Mountain Range, it is close to Fort Hold, the Original Harper Hall, the Healer Hall, Ruatha and Fort Sea Hold. The badge is of a black fort on a brown field.

Half Moon Bay Weyr


Status: Destroyed by reawakening volcano and resultant quakes in Turn 2722
Coordinates: 22.2, 22N

Half Moon Bay Weyr was located on a large island approximately 2150 miles west of the Tillek Peninsula. The island is a piedmont, which is an dormant volcano crater which collapsed and is now hollow inside. The inside of the crater has just a little under 1 sq. mile of land, with a deep fresh water lagoon in the center. Some minor volcanic activity creates hot springs in caverns on the north wall. The crater wall is nearly broken down on the south side, where a filled in reef area forms a sheltered cove. Continuous currents off the shore of the mainland make the climate mild throughout the year, though severe tropical storms are common in the surrounding seas.

High Reaches Weyr


Status: NPC
Coordinates: 3, 52N

Set in the northwest corner of the Northern Mountains and Northern Continent as well and nestled in the odd volcanic formation known as The Seven Spindles, High Reaches Weyr is among one of the colder Weyrs. High Reaches, the third Weyr to be founded, housed what looks like to be four queens and hundreds of other dragons along the cauldra. The Reaches is completely landlocked, which means no dolphineers or shipcrafters ever get posted here, however beastcrafters, farmcrafters and just about every other crafter finds this spot to be ideal. Outside of the Weyr is an extensive orchard and race track. Inside are weyrs on both north and south ends of the bowl, a stables, a lake, diving cliffs, an extensive lower cavern complete with residents dorm and crafters tunnel and of course a lovely Living Cavern.

Honshu WeyrHold


Status: NPC
Coordinates: 8, 44S

An Ancient Holding which was found, explored and reopened by F'lessan, it became the first WeyrHold. Nowdays its become a place for older riders to retire, due to its warm, tropical location. Many farmers, herders and holders live there, taking advantage of the rich land nearby.

Note: Honshu WeyrHold is where characters are transfered to if they are idle for more then 90 days, yet have their &vacation set. It is also for players to transfer characters to which they know will not be active for long periods, yet they are not allowing to idle out. Its advised for retired goldriders to concider moving there if your presense is causing a Weyr to not have room for a new Jr gold. Weyrs are limited on how many golds they may have. NO PC golds may ever have clutches at Honshu.

Ierne WeyrHold


Status: Open
Coordinates: 3.8, 45S

Ierne WeyrHold is what became of Southern Weyr after it moved from the Southern Hold area to Ierne Island. It started as a Weyr, but after the end of Threadfall, they evolved into a WeyrHold. The idea of holding elections rather then use mating flights to determine Leadership came due to the many people who were not riders saying it wasn't fair they should have their Leaders decided by the dragons. The WeyrWoman at that time was all for allowing elections, as she wanted more freedom from the resposibility of Leadership. So now, every 4 turns, Ierne WeyrHold holds elections for Leadership.

Igen Weyr


Status: Open
Coordinates: 6.9, 43N

Igen is one of the smaller Weyrs, but at one time it had one of the largest territories to patrol. Founded after High Reaches Weyr in the First Interval, Igen protected the Keroon and Igen River Holds on the braided streams of the river and the inhabited lands around Telgar. Most of what lay between was desert or mountain. The rim of the extinct volcano that houses Igen Weyr has been eroded into sharp and interesting patterns by the constant wind across the desert. As at the Hold, most of the activity takes place in the cool evening. During the day, even the lake acts like a mirror to reflect the merciless sun back in the eyes of bathers.

Ista Weyr


Status: NPC
Coordinates: 6, 19N

Ista was the fifth Weyr opened and it is named after the Island it is on. The name 'Ista' is an acronym for the four families of colonists who settled the island and is in the tropical zone of Pern. One of the children of Joel Lilienkamp helped establish the Weyr in the forty-second turn. The names of the four founders were Akmai Ishima, Georgiou Savros, Ramla Tamalaki & Joel Aldridge.

Monaco Bay Weyr


Status: Open
Coordinates: 13.5, 25S

Monaco Bay Weyr is located directly on Monaco Bay in the southern continent. We are currently looking for visitors, and candidates. Feel free to stop in to visit, explore and Roleplay. If you would like to be a staff, or resident of the weyr, please contact a member of staff.

Telgar Weyr


Status: NPC
Coordinates: 6, 57N

One of the earliest Weyrs sites chosen, but the last of the ancient Weyrs to be occupied. It started out as a mining Hold. Telgar Weyr is currently NPC at this time. (There are a few rooms built, but the admin use them for testing dragon and Weyr related code, so noone roleplays there)

Xanadu Weyr


Status: Open
Coordinates: 10, 45S

Xanadu Weyr is Pern's most tech-junkie Weyr. It gets all the latest technology from the TechCraft as soon as they release it. Above and beyond anywhere except TechCraftHall and the real AIVAS's housing, it has the most technology on the planet. These items include: functioning windmills for electricity, heating coils under the hatching sands, a radio antenna, and several computer terminals including one in each weyr that wants one.

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