Half Moon Bay Weyr

Sun, Sand, And Shipfish

Half Moon Bay Weyr is located on a large island approximately 2150 miles west of the Tillek Peninsula. The island is a piedmont, which is a dormant volcano crater which collapsed and is now hollow inside. The inside of the crater has just a little under 1 sq. mile of land, with a deep fresh water lagoon in the center. Some minor volcanic activity creates hot springs in caverns on the north wall. The crater wall is nearly broken down on the south side, where a filled in reef area forms a sheltered cove. Continuous currents off the shore of the mainland make the climate mild throughout the year, though severe tropical storms are common in the surrounding seas.

Website: http://halfmoonbay.wikidot.com/

IC leadership:
Sr. Weyrwoman: Mizinga
Weyrsecond: Ila'den
Jr. Weyrwomen: Enka, Iris

OOC Administration:
S'rorn, Mizinga, Kadesh, Enka, Iris

Recent Events

Beholden Areas

Bluefire Hold

Considered dark by many, this hold exists mainly to oversee gas production.
Device: Blue Flame on a black field
Exports: Natural Gas

Grypcove Ridge Cothold

Half Moon Bay Hold

Sykan Hold

Torince Hold

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