Weaver Craft

IC Leadership

MasterWeaver Levisa (NPC) - CraftMaster

Master Jordache (NPC) - CraftSecond


Device: On a white field, a lavender Bolt of Cloth

Description: The WeaverCraft's main hall is located near Southern Boll. Now with the threat of Thread gone, the number of apprentices has increased dramatically as those who once did amateur work for their hold, craft, or weyr finally have time to dedicate to studying weaving in more detail. More leisure time on the part of the Pernese has led to a stronger pursuit of fashion in clothing as well as accessories. Techology is also come into use slightly with the craft having one computerized loom and one computer on which patterns can be designed and stored. But, most work is still done manually and on scrolls.

Subcrafts: Production, Dyeing, Knitting, Tailoring and Weaving

Beholden To

Fort Weyr

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