Tillek Hold (NPC)

IC Leadership

Wher Handler: Carany (5'9", round brown eyes, flowing blond, tanned skin and lean build. Born at Paradise River Sea Hold. Enjoys hunting. Gruff, jumpy and rugged.)

Former Lord and Lady: Lord Holder Trolod and Lady Holder Hitaefa


Device: On a white field, a dark blue reversed lattice

Description: Tillek Hold, founded by Zi Ongola and named after Jim Tillek, one of the three captains to bring the colony to Pern, is the westernmost holding on the Northern Continent. It is situated on the coast, and boasts a large number of ships, some of which belong to the Fishercraft Hall, located at Tillek. The Hold is also a source of conifer forests, which have thrived in the turns since Thread, and are used by the shipbuilders and others. The hold is known for, among other things, complex knit patterns, terraced farms and /fish/. To go with all that fish, Tillek produces a variety of wines, both red and white.

Exports: Fish, grapes, wine, ships & boats, knitted items, nets, wet weather clothing,

Recent Events @ Tillek Hold

Gather at Tillek Hold. (03/08/16)

Beholden To

High Reaches Weyr

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