Telgar Hold (NPC)

IC Leadership

Lord Holder Bensley (newlywed) 5'6" with short brown hair and narrow gray eyes and boyish build. He is impulsive, yet foolhardy

Lady Holder Lilyia 5'2" with silky black hair and large blue eyes and slight build. She is pleasant, yet kind.


Device: Per Pale, bright red, white and medium blue

Description: Named for Yokohama pilot Sallah Telgar, this Hold remains one of the largest on Pern, housing about one thousand people in the Hold complex alone, and some fifteen thousand others in the immediate area, as well as many traders and travellers who winter at the Hold. Telgar also remains one of the wealthiest Holds, thanks to the presence of the primary Smithcrafthall, and grain fields that supply much of the northern part of the continent. In recent times the hold has had to adapt to changing roles on Pern, and currently houses several 'riders and their dragons who work in the hold's service, most with jobs somehow relating to their lifemate's abilities. One of the major centers of trade on Pern.

Exports: Smithcraft items, Starsmith items, art (etching, engraving, silk screening/printed fabrics, batik), lots of grain, great beer, glass items, carved wood items

Recent Events @ Telgar Hold

Gather at Telgar Hold. (04/16/16)

Beholden To

Telgar Weyr

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