Technician Craft

IC Leadership

Craftmaster Aibo (NPC)


Device: On a white field, a bright red Cog

Description: The Technicians Craft, or Techcraft, is responsible for maintaining, installing, and developing the new technology on Pern in this timeline.Our duties include work with the communications systems (farspeakers and distance-writers), continuing work on the remains of the AIVAS databases through the Computer Craft, and with the smaller work-stations that were left behind, and work with motors and other electronics. We coordinate closely with the Smithcraft as part of our job, as well as the Harpercraft


Communications — responsible for sending information; includes farspeakers, distance-writers, and the like.
Enginecraft — engines (mostly electrical motors and generators).
Engineercraft — general electronics and circuit design and theory.

Beholden To

Monaco Bay Weyr

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