Southern Boll Hold (NPC)

IC Leadership

Lord Holder Corlis, Lady Holder Vera - Mid 70s.

Heir is in his 40s, Grandson and Granddaughter around age 20


Device: On a white field, bright red Chevrons

Description: Established by Emily Boll and Pierre de Coureis to the south of Fort Hold amidst the tropical lushness of the penninsula, after Emily recovered from the injuries of the shuttle crash during the ninth year of the colony. Its weather is hot, balmy and hurricanes on both coasts are common.

Exports: Wicker furniture, fish, soft fruits (banana, kiwi & mango), peaches, goru pears, wedgenuts, fruit wines & liquors, hot climate spices and delicate cooking spices, chickens, herb teas, tinted glass & ceramics, gems, semi-precious stones, copper, cotton, cloth and clothing items

Recent Events @ Southern Boll Hold

Gather at Southern Boll Hold. (12/14/15)

Beholden To

Fort Weyr

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