South Telgar Hold (NPC)

IC Leadership

Lord Dennar - A tall, thin older gentleman. Relaxed attitude.

Lady Tressa - Ten turns younger than her Lord. Patient but gossipy.


Colors: Bright Red and Medium Blue

Device: Per Pale, bright red and medium blue

Description: The Hold is known mostly for its naturally effervescent mineral springs. It is located on the south bank of the river flowing west across the Telgar plain. Located in a warmer climate it serves as a retirement location for many elderly relocating from colder climes. The stone complex is built facing east up against, but not into the cliffs. Near the Hold there is a Healer hall. This hall almost as big as the main Hall, and trains many healers and nurses in the specialties of pediatrics and geriatrics.

Exports: Bottled mineral water, bath salts, joint ailment rememdies, timeshares to cabins for vacationing at the springs.

Recent Events @ South Telgar Hold

At South Telgar Hold a rampaging herdbeast bull is on the loose. (07/17/16)

Beholden To

Igen Weyr

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