Smith Craft

IC Leadership

CraftMaster Grond (NPC) - 6'0", heavy build, intense gray eyes and wavy black hair. He was born at Ierne Weyrhold, the son of a Woodcrafter and a Weaver. Known to be suspicious, affectionate and curious, he is an older man whose specialty as a smith was wire fabrication.

CraftSecond Tripolu (NPC) - A freakishly tall man, 7'3" in fact. He has almond-shaped light brown eyes and short brown hair and often seems a little slow, but isn't really. In fact, he is passionate, elegant and amusing. Smithing is his life and he has no other interests.

Master Marcion (NPC) - Specialty - Machinery. 6'2", with deep-set brown eyes and thick tawny hair. He was born at Fort Hold and is known to be a frilly dresser, with a preference for green. He is meticulous, stubborn and tricky.

Master Fernco (NPC) - Specialty - Plumbing. In contrast to the CraftSecond, he is quite short and a little rotund, with droopy brown eyes and short blond hair, he is known to be ocial, absent-minded and grumbly. There are rumors he likes to dress in women's clothing, but noone seems to be able to provide proof.


Device: A circular badge with a simple white background, in the center is a red anvil insignia.

Description: Housed in Telgar Hold along with the StarCraftHall, the SmithCraftHall is the place for anyone who is interested in the crafting of anything metal or plastic, with its Plastic Craft subcraft. Anything from jewelry to large statues to caravan parts are crafted here.

Possible specialties for the SmithCraft

Blacksmithing (fashioning metal items on an anvil. Also Farriers (crosscrafted with BEC)), Artist, Wire Making (making wire), Smelting (removing metals from raw ores), Tinker (make/repair pots and pans), Jewelry (metal jewelry or settings for gems), Chemist (makes batteries, explosives, stains, dyes, varnishes, cleaning compounds), Clocksmith (makes clocks or clockwork toys), Machinery Repair (repair of small motors, agenothree sprayers or flamethrowers), Invention (inventing things) , Fabrication (making metal parts for various things), Plumbing (install, repair or even unclog copper and ceramic/plastic pipes.)

Exports: Wire, flamethrowers, farming equipment, tools, telescopes, copper pipe, chemicals

Beholden To

Telgar Weyr

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