Runner Craft

IC Leadership

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Colors: White and Brown

Device: On a white field, a brown winged sandal

Description: The runner craft is an old, but proud craft. For many generations they have run the traces, carrying messages from Hold to Hold, across Pern. They are not like other crafts, being bred to their craft, generation after generation selecting their mates for traits that make good runners. Long legs, strong lungs, good lungs and endurence. There are very few born outside this craft who can compete with them for their ability to run tirelessly for long distances. (NOT to be confused with runnerbeasts. No self-respecting Runner would ride a runnerbeast and runnerbeasts are not allowed on runner traces!) Please note that people who are Runners tend to have runners as parents. Its a dying craft these days as there are faster means of sending mail, but some proudly keep the craft alive in case there is a day when it is needed again. Runner craft is a holdcraft and has no Hall or CM. Masters exist who have the ability to test people for the craft. Its very hard ICly to be accepted as most people are born into it.

Points that the Runners run to and from are called Stations and people who decide what Runner carries on what message to where are Stationmasters. Runner stations are found all over Pern along Runner traces, which are ancient routes the Runners alone use.

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