Harper's Drum

Things have been business as usual at one of Half Moon Bay Weyr’s beholden territories. Ships have been crowding Blue Fire Hold’s ports for sevendays, ferrying in materials and large variety of supplies for a very special occasion. An occasion where dancing music will be played by adventurous Harpers, a lavish spread of food will be available by the Hold itself as well as visiting vendors. There will be choice wine and drinks to settle down with, as well as the opportunity to see the many booths tended to by Crafters of all kinds.

Word is being spread by Trader ships on the seas to every port they reach. A Gather is on the horizon and this humble event will be open for everyone to attend.

OOC: Blue Fire Hold will be hosting a Gather on their grounds, open to everyone! Just a little meet and greet for folks to get together and have a good time. Interested in being a musician or having a vendor booth? Drop me a line! All are welcome. :D Use this opportunity to dust off your characters or develop a new one. The Gather will be on Wednesday, May 31st @ 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern!

ALSO: Xanadu's Eggs: Hatched!
In the middle of the night, the dragons hummed and nine eggs wobbled on the sands… and a dragon came out of each and every one of them. Better than some of Xanadu's hatchings lately!

Congrats, Weyrlings!
Let's Rock This House Gold Leirith impressed to Risa (Risali)
Night Triumphant Bronze Sihryth impressed to M'tan (Metan)
Book By Its Cover Brown Sanarth impressed to Bryn'jan (Brynnjan)
Knight of Passion Blue Azrith impressed to Zaria
Such A Curious Feeling Green Faeth impressed to Cara
Arctic Glacier Blue Enuketh impressed to S'ahi (npc)
Tallest Blade of Grass Green Ivoth impressed to Itzel (npc)
Just Five More Minutes Green Ayurath impressed to M'achi (npc)
Carry It Forward Green Isometh impressed to Averie (npc)

As we all know, we have our illustrious PernWorld Wikidot. Isn't it beautiful, folks? Ain't she lovely?
Big Congrats goes to Kassala! All art work from Pernworld's Wiki banner Contest is available on the Submission page for viewing.

News Scroll

Date: Fri May 26 2017

Today's News Around Pern:

At Sea Cliff Hold there is a runaway child.

At High Plateau Hold there is a natural gas explosion.

At PrintCraft Hall there is the discovery of a new animal species.

At Keroon Hold there are rumors of a dangerous renegade being seen.

At Crom Hold a person finds the hidden loot (treasure) from a long dead famous renegade. *84 Marks*.

At Vale Hold there is an outbreak of an animal disease.

At Benden Weyr a person is caught in a scandal involving an animal.

At Island River Hold a person is captured by renegades and held for ransom. Ransom: 48 Marks.

Gather at High Ground Hold.

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