Character Creation

Before you can continue you need to set a few things on your character.

1. Description Set via '@desc me=<description>'. See +view here/description
for an explanation of what your description should be like.

2. Gender Set via '@sex me=<male/female>'. Only Male or Female
are valid genders for characters on this game.

3. Age To set your age, type '+setage <turns>.<months>.<days>'.
See +help +setage for more info on this command.

4. Background Set via '&info-general me=<background>'. See
+view here/background for an explanation on backgrounds.

5. Rating You set your rating via '+rated <rating>'. See
+view here/rating for an explanation.

6. Alias Set via @alias me=<alias>, where your alias is a nickname,
or a shortcut to your name.

It is highly recommended that you read the +Help files. A good starting point is '+Help Newbie'. Another source of information is the bulletin board system: check them via '+bbscan' to see a list of unread posts and '+bbread <board#>/<postnum>' to read posts.

If you need any help, just say so via '"<text>'. There is usually some HelpStaff members monitoring this room and they are there to help. To find out if there are any listening right now, type '+helpstaff'.

By connecting and playing on this site you are agreeing to the terms in '+Help AUP'. Once you have set all five items request approval via '+app/request'.

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