Character Creation

Before you can continue you need to set a few things on your character.

1. Description Set via '@desc me=<description>'. See +view here/description
for an explanation of what your description should be like.

2. Gender Set via '@sex me=<male/female>'. Only Male or Female
are valid genders for characters on this game.

3. Age To set your age, type '+setage <turns>.<months>.<days>'.
See +help +setage for more info on this command.

4. Background Set via '&info-general me=<background>'. See
+view here/background for an explanation on backgrounds.

5. Rating You set your rating via '+rated <rating>'. See
+view here/rating for an explanation.

6. Alias Set via @alias me=<alias>, where your alias is a nickname,
or a shortcut to your name.

It is highly recommended that you read the +Help files. A good starting point is '+Help Newbie'. Another source of information is the bulletin board system: check them via '+bbscan' to see a list of unread posts and '+bbread <board#>/<postnum>' to read posts. Also please be sure you read '+help candidate faq' in game if you're not sure if you want this character to be eligible for search in the future!

If you need any help, just say so via '"<text>'. There is usually some HelpStaff members monitoring this room and they are there to help. To find out if there are any listening right now, type '+helpstaff'.


By connecting and playing on this site you are agreeing to the terms in '+Help AUP'. Once you have set all six items request approval via '+app/request'.

Additional information will be required for those wishing to go the Instarider, Other Folks, or Crafter route here within Pernworld.

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