Nerat Hold (NPC)

IC Leadership

Lord Holder Mezuch (6'5", beady black eyes, curly brown hair, tanned skin and heavy build. Dynamic, nasty and dominant.)

Lady Holder Omeiga (5'8", wide light-blue, scruffy black, pale skin and lithe build. Enjoys weaving. Mischievous, rebellious and sensitive.)


Device: Per Bend Sinister, bright orange and golden yellow

Description: Lies on the southern curve of the tail of the Northern Continent. Its fertile fields and thick forests support thousands of people up and down the coast.

Exports: Fruit, vegetables, roots, grain, hardwood (teak), wine, brandy, fruit liquors, wicker items, FarmCraft items

Recent Events @ Nerat Hold

At Nerat Hold a weaver invents a new clothing style that becomes 'all the rage' for about a sevenday. (06/27/16)

Beholden To

Ista Weyr

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