Nabol Hold (NPC)

IC Leadership

Lord Holder Rijik (6'0", wide light-blue eyes, long black hair, dark skin, athletic build. Paranoid, moody and dense.)

Lady Holder Teo (5'0", intense brown eyes, silky brown hair, dark skin and average build. Born at Igen Hold. Courageous, interruptive and boring.)


Device: On a brown field, a Narrow Fretty in white

Description: Nabolese Holders have a long and infamous history that is slowly fading. The hold itself is not as rich as some, but gets by, having enough resources to support itself and a number of marketable items. It is a large producer of vegetables, tubers and some fruits; Nabolese cider is slowly becoming very well known. The forests of Nabol produce softwood, suitable for furniture, and the grasslands that cover much of the hold are excellent grazing ground for ovines and domestic wherries.

Exports: Ovines, domestic wherries, softwoods (pine, ash & others), white willow bark, lavender, mustard, root vegetables, salad vegetables (all kinds), pressed cider

Recent Events @ Nabol Hold

At Nabol Hold there is a terrible heat wave. (05/31/16)

Beholden To

High Reaches Weyr

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