Miner Craft


OOC Status: NPC Area
NPC IC Leadership: RETIRED MasterMiner Ando - Retired CM (moved to Cove Hold)
Master Fasadia - WherMaster (around 72 turns old)

Beholden To: TEW
Device: On a white field, a black Pick and Shovel in Saltire
Description: The MineCraft is responsible for all mining on Pern, from the mining of coal, firestone and gems to finding and obtaining natural gas and oil. They are trained as geologists and in petrography, able to determine if a mining venture is safe enough to be worth going forward with. They can drill to obtain mineral samples and tell a Lord Holder if its feasable to open a new mine or close an old one. They provide skilled miners for these tasks. The MineCraft also oversees the training of watch whers and some Miners who are suited for working with whers are trained as WherHandlers. (see +help wher). Not all Minecrafters spend all their time in mines. Some are trained as lapidary (gemcutting), surveyers, spelunkers, mountain climbers, jewelry making.
Exports: Cut and uncut gems, coal, firestone, rock oil, natural gas
Accessible By: +Go MIC

Recent Events: At Miner Craft a person gets letters from a secret admirer. (07/10/16)

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