Lemos Hold (NPC)

IC Leadership

Lord Holder Ilteran (6'6" with short blond hair and small blue-green eyes and average build. Personality is indecisive, yet prim.)

Lady Holder Issenia (5'11" with dull brown hair and intense black eyes and average build. Personality is inquisitive, yet sympathetic.)

Oldest Son, heir apparent

Daughter Ishari

Multiple Daughters


Device: On a medium blue field, four white Eight-Pointed Stars

Description: Lemos Hold, famous for jade and the woodcraft.

Exports: Hardwoods (sky broom & othres), softwoods, wood items, paper, jade, wool, ovines, table wine

Recent Events @ Lemos Hold

At Lemos Hold there is a wild wher attack. (01/16/16)

Beholden To

Benden Weyr

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