Keroon Hold (NPC)

IC Leadership

Lady Holder Masopia (5'8" with long graying hair and round dark-brown eyes and flabby build. Personality is reliable, yet quizzical and hidebound. Widow)

Lord Petram - Heir Apparent, 6'3", robust, Black hair, hazel eyes. Stalwart and practical. (m. Lumania)

Lady Alunia, Married to Drayven (Deceased). Black hair, 5'6", chubby, green eyes. Rather withdrawn; rarely leaves her rooms.


Device: Per Fess, golden yellow, white, and peridot-green

Description: Keroon, located in the vast grassy plains to the south, is well known for its runners and other livestock. Keroon was hard hit by the plague in Moreta's time, and was a long time returning to its previous prosperity. Nowadays, it seems to have done it, with new small holds and runner cots dotting the face of the plains. With communication easier and the threat of Thread gone, people are spreading out once more.

Exports: Domestic animals of all kinds (Beastcraft), limited quantities of iron, vanadium, copper, lead & tin (to the crafthalls that use it)

Recent Events @ Keroon Hold

At Keroon Hold a person is reported missing. (06/21/16)

Beholden To

Igen Weyr

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