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Ista Weyr is currently NPC.

Senior Weyrwoman: Mirani

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Situated on the bay at the southwest corner of Ista Island, the spired partial-volcano pushes four fingers and a thumb into the tropical sky. The mountain was formed by an eruption that knocked the bay half of the volcano into the sea, the constant waves forming a sprawling plateau. Ista was the fifth Weyr opened and it is an acronym for the four families of colonists who settled the tropical island - one of the children of Joel Lilienkamp helped establish the weyr in the forty-second turn, and names of the are Akmai Ishima, Georgiou Savros, Ramla Tamalaki and Joel Aldridge. Ista Weyr is the smallest weyr on Pern, able to house about around 250 rider pairs at full strength. Individual rider's weyrs are found on both the interior and on the southern side of the outer bowl walls. These forest weyrs house about a quarter of Ista's dragon population. For such a small Weyr, Ista has a dizzying amount of tunnels that double back and run into one another, riddled with secrets and unexplored or long-forgotten nooks. Underground streams supply fresh water, and as Ista is a volcano, albeit a dormant one, there are even hot springs and steam rooms for the ultimate in relaxation. Not really a technological weyr, Ista never caught on with that fad, though they do use radios to keep in touch with the different holds throughout the area. Seemingly too laid back in the sun to bother, Ista has made do with a more traditional lifestyle. Accompanying tithes and strong relations with the local holders, Ista has a flourishing tourist trade, hosting events and welcoming visitors from all across Pern.

Recent Events

Despite past volcanic activity, betweening tragedies, and proddy goldrider mayhem, the Pernese island of Ista remains practically paradisiac. Black sand beaches are kissed by clear cerulean waters topped with seafoam. Verdant forests surround a plethora of secret hideaways, from waterfall caverns to treehouses, and the doors of several of the island's (in)famous cabanas and bars are always open, prepared to serve standard meals or one of the weyr's many eclectic drinks. Even the turbulent winter storms seem beautiful in their own ethereal way; overall, it is a lush vacation destination, but also a place to call home.

In these post-AIVAS times, the island has become a travel hot-spot, its constant warm climes perfect for spending a relaxing day, and its geographical features offering a wide variety of novel places to explore. With open ocean all around, and the myriad islands dotting Ista Bay, the weyr is the center of much of the activity that goes on beneath its dragonwings, some of which is more ..savory than others.

There have been some significant hurdles for Ista Weyr these past turns, especially with such an outspoken and extremely stubborn weyrwoman, but things have settled down well enough, helped in no small part by the wingleaders and the junior weyrwomen, who have taken a significant role in weyr politics since the changeover. With its traditionalist leanings, however, even Cenlia has to rely on her weyrleader's judgement when things get precarious, and as often as not, they seem to be heading that way. Lack of rain isn't usually a terrible thing, but some may have found it a little too hot outside during the last heatwave. Thankfully, these past few turns have been much kinder to the beachgoers, despite the turbulence at Ista Hold. Mystery wreckage and a recurrence of Temperance League hijinks were the least of the weyr's problems when mercenaries hired by, it is rumored, a holder's youngest son actually attacked shipping lanes and riders. But the weyr's raid on their base sent most of the attackers on a short trip between, and sent a clear message to anyone who'd threaten Ista's beholden areas: the dragonmen were not to be trifled with, and more than willing to use both force and fire in defense of their home. A chilling reminder, perhaps, of the price of paradise. Yet signs remain, that things at Ista Hold are not all they seem, and there's always an unsettling amount of rumor concerning strange ships sighted out in the bay. And with the senior gold having risen to meet the new dawn with ferocity unmatched, only to be caught by none other than the former weyrsecond's bronze, many in Ista were finding sudden changes in the wake of new leadership. One thing is certain: there are few more qualified for the position than T'eo, his experience and level-headed approach reassuring many, and bringing a measure of stability to troubled times. With his own fair share of challenges, including a not so small crawler invasion, it seems the bronzerider has as continued to steer Ista safely through turbulent waters.

Beholden Areas

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FAC - Farm Craft
GIH - Ista Gar Hold
IGS - Igen Sea Hold
ISH - Ista Hold
ISW - Ista Weyr
LAH - Lado Hold
NEH - Nerat Hold
NMH - Neratian Miner Hold
RSH - Red Sands Hold
RYH - Rocky Hold
SCH - Sea Cliff Hold

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