Ista Hold (NPC)

IC Leadership

Lord Holder Trolessi (5'8" with short gray hair and intense light-blue eyes and lean build. Personality is charming, yet aggressive.)

Lady Holder Jezzie (5'5" with curly brown hair and almond-shaped green eyes and average build. Personality is hateful, yet playful.)


Device: Per Pale, bright orange and white

Description: The name 'Ista' is an acronym for the four families of colonists that founded the Hold on the Big Island. A tropical Hold, its temperature never drops below 55 degrees during the day.

Exports: Fish, spiderclaws, fine handiwork, gems, fiber plants (sisal), herbs, needlethorn, citrus (orange, yellow and greenfruit), peppers, shell jewelry, emeralds, sapphires, black diamond dust (For the Smiths)

Recent Events @ Ista Hold

At Ista Hold a person is approached by a mysterious person who hands them an even more mysterious message before disappearing with no explanation. (06/07/16)

Beholden To

Ista Weyr

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