Island River Hold (NPC)

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Device: On a light green field, per pale a blue wavy Fret

Description: Island River Hold is located at the delta of Island river that feeds out of Drake's lake, in the Southern continent. It is a rich and fertile claim. Island River Hold was once the site of the ancient's Boca claimstake. Around the ninth pass, two retired traders, Sardon and Kerah of the Theodan Trading Family, staked a claim at the old Boca site. Being individuals who could not sit still, they quickly turned the hold into a prosperous Traders Enclave. If you need goods anywhere in the south or want things shipped north, this is the place to go. The numerous warehouses store a variety of goods from around Pern, all of which are shipped via wagon, boat, or dragon.

Exports: Tourism

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Island River Hold

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