Igen Weyr


Igen Weyr is currently PC, it can still be occupied.

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Despite the heat and the ever-present desert sun, Igen Weyr is quite an excellent place to be if you don't mind the sand that seems to get everywhere, despite the best efforts of the Weyr to clean it up. But a locale of desolation and desert, the Weyr is not. Set in the same central mountain range as the more northern Telgar Weyr, Igen Weyr is but a hop, skip and a holler away from Igen Hold and the tidal swamp of the Igen River. While the desert of Igen lies to the west of the Weyr, the fertile valleys and forests of Lemos lie to the north. While the Weyr may seem barren and devoid of life at first glance, Igen is indeed full of life.

The Weyr itself is an active community with a small number of Weyr-based riders, and all the support staff and their families that it takes to feed and care for all those people. There's always something for everyone at Igen Weyr, and visitors flock from all over Pern on their travels.

Igen is one of the smaller Weyrs, but at one time it had one of the largest territories to patrol. Founded after High Reaches Weyr in the First Interval, Igen protected the Keroon and Igen River Holds on the braided streams of the river and the inhabited lands around Telgar. Most of what lay between was desert or mountain. The rim of the extinct volcano that houses Igen Weyr has been eroded into sharp and interesting patterns by the constant wind across the desert. Most of the activity takes place in the mornings and evenings. During the day, even the lake acts like a mirror to reflect the merciless sun back in the eyes of bathers.

-The Dragonlover's Guide to Pern


Neyuni - Sr. Weyrwoman
Al'dru - Weyrleader
Alexa - weyrwoman
Maisy - weyrwoman
S'las - Wingrider


Beast Craft
Bayhead Hold
Curved Hill Hold
High Ground Hold
High Plateau Hold
Igen Hold
Keroon Hold
Katz Field Hold
Keroon River Hold
Lost Hold
Moreta's Hold
Smokey Lake Hold
South Telgar Hold
Tanner Craft

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