Ierne Weyrhold

Ierne Weyrhold is what became of Southern Weyr after it moved from the Southern Hold area to Ierne Island. It started as a Weyr, but after the end of Thread-fall, they evolved into a Weyrhold. The idea of holding elections rather than use mating flights to determine Leadership came due to the many people who were not riders saying it wasn't fair they should have their Leaders decided by the dragons. The Weyrwoman at that time was all for allowing elections, as she wanted more freedom from the responsibility of leadership. So now, every 4 turns, Ierne Weyrhold holds elections for Leadership.

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TBD! – Current WeyrLord
Ebeny - Knot Admin


Big Lagoon Hold
Central Hold
Dragonhealer School
Great Bay Hold
Southern Hold


ALL insta riders and transfers now start out at Ierne WeyrHold. After 90 days they can put in for a transfer to a Weyr if they wish or stay at the WeyrHold. During the 90 days, new insta riders are on OOC probation, meaning you are subject to loss of your dragon if you really mess up. So take time to read the news files on dragons, learn how to get along here and what is expected of you as a rider on Pern. See +help dragonrider for complete details.

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