Currently, our only PC Hold is StoneHaven Hold, beholden to Fort Weyr.

The following is a list of Holds, separated by continent and type. For more information, please see the individual Hold's page or this helpfile.

Northern Continent

Major Holds

Benden Hold (BEW, NPC)
Bitra Hold (BEW)
Crom Hold (TEW)
Fort Hold (FOW)
High Reaches Hold (HRW)
Igen Hold (IGW)
Ista Hold (ISW)
Keroon Hold (IGW)
Lemos Hold (BEW)
Nabol Hold (HRW)
Nerat Hold (ISW)
Ruatha Hold (FOW, NPC)
Telgar Hold (TEW)
Tillek Hold (HRW)

Minor Holds

Balen Hold (HRW)
Balen Hold (TEW)
Bayhead Hold (IGW)
Campbell's Field Hold (TEW)
Curved Hill Hold (IGW)
Far Cry Hold (BEW)
Fork Hold (BEW)
Fort Sea Hold (FOW)
Gar Hold (FOW)
Grayson Hold (TEW)
Greenfields Hold (TEW)
Greystones Hold (BEW)
Half Circle Sea Hold (BEW)
High Ground Hold (IGW)
High Plateau Hold (IGW)
Igen Sea Hold (ISW)
Ista Gar Hold (ISW)
Katz Field Hold (IGW)
Keogh Hold (HRW)
Keroon River Hold (IGW)
Lado Hold (ISW)
Lemos Mine Hold (TEW)
Lewis Hold (HRW)
Lost Hold (IGW)
Misty Hold (HRW)
Moreta's Hold (IGW)
Neratian Mine Hold (ISW)
Ogren Hold (HRW)
Pars Hold (HRW)
Peyton Hold (FOW)
Plains Hold (BEW)
Plateau Hold (FOW)
Red Sands Hold (ISW)
River Bend Hold (HRW)
Rocky Hold (ISW)
Ruatha River Hold (FOW)
Sattle Hold (HRW)
Sea Cliff Hold (ISW)
Smokey Lake Hold (IGW)
South Telgar Hold (IGW)
Southern Boll Hold (FOW)
Stonehaven Hold (FOW)
Vale Hold (BEW)
Valley Hold (BEW)

Southern Continent

Major Holds

Big Lagoon Hold (IEW)
Black Rock Hold (XAW)
Central Hold (IEW)
Great Bay Hold (IEW)
Landing (MBW)
Monaco Bay Hold (MBW)
Paradise River Hold (MBW)
Roma Hold (HOW)
Rubicon River Hold (XAW)
Southern Hold (IEW)

Minor Holds

Blue Fire Hold (HMW)
Cove Hold (MBW)
Elysian Field Hold (XAW)
Grypcove Ridge Hold (XAW)
Half Moon Bay Hold (HMW)
Hannista Hold (XAW)
High Palisades Hold (IEW)
Island River Hold (HOW)
Little Sandy Hold (HMW)
Paradise River Sea Hold (MBW)
Ressac Sea Hold (XAW)
South Bend Hold (MBW)
Syken Hold (HMW)
Torince Hold (HMW)

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