High Reaches Hold (NPC)

IC Leadership

Lord Holder: Hiako (5'6" with short brown hair and droopy brown eyes and average build. Personality is bigoted, yet chaotic.)

Lady Holder: Bafasa (5'11" with short black hair and round hazel eyes and lithe build. Personality is gentle, yet absent-minded.)


Device: Per pale, dark blue and tan

Description: Situated in the windy and cold High Reaches mountains, High Reaches Hold is sometimes thought of as bleak, barren and out of the way. It does produce some sought after goods, though, as well as having a close knit and loyal group of people. The weavercraft hall at High Reaches is reknowned for its prowess in all fields; the weavers make use of the abundant supply of llama wool to create a fine, soft cloth. The winecraft here, not so famous as those of Tillek and Benden, produces fortified wines and fruit brandies. High Reaches also boasts a number of smaller crafthalls, providing the hold with sufficient supplies during the worst of winters. In recent turns the hold has become known for its charter dragon business as well.

Exports: Llama wool, textiles and cloth made from llama wool, felt, winter clothing, glass (bottles & jugs), fortified wines (fruit brandy), ships & boats

Recent Events @ High Reaches Hold

At High Reaches Hold there is a cavern or roof collapse. (03/08/16)

Beholden To

High Reaches Weyr

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