Game Help Files

These are some of the in game help files, included here for quick and easy access. New players are encouraged to read the New Player Introduction page.

+Active Displays your activity and idle time.
Areas Area information for the weyrs, holds, halls, etc.
Borgcomm/Knots Information about the different knot commands and how to use them.
Bulletin Boards Gamewide bulletin board information and how to use them.
Candidate Information on candidates, rules and how to become one.
Chargen Information about the character generation system. If you're looking for help on character generation please visit the Character Creation page.
Commands A listing of random commands that do not fit under other catagories.
Crafts General information on Pern's crafts.
DTU The Dragon Talk Unit, a system set up for Dragon speak and also for :between:ing.
Dictionary An ingame reference to some common Pern terms.
Dragonrider Information about dragonriders.
Dragons Information about Dragons, their code, and how they are handled on PernWorld.
Events The +event system for scheduling game-wide events.
Firelizards Information about firelizards and their code.
Flights Information about dragon mating flights.
+Finger Information about the +finger system.
Functions Information about the Pernworld specific functions: knotsearch, age, dage, rage, dolphin, dragon, color, race, columnate and elist.
+Help The ingame help function.
Helpdesk Help Commands for the Helpdesk staff.
Holds General information on Pern's holds.
Income The ingame income function (game currency is largely unused).
Knotwatch Allows notification of incoming connections on a knot.
Login Checker Commands to monitor game activity.
@Mail The ingame mailing system.
Minors Information for under aged players.
Money Some information on handling ingame currency (though it is largely unused).
Multi-page The command for paging multiple people.
Parent Objects Information on gamewide parent objects.
Pern General information on Pern locations.
Players Miscellaneous information for players.
Preferences Information on player preferences and how to set them up.
Proddy Information on the proddy dragon system and code.
Puppets PernWorld puppet instructions.
Rating Information on how to set your rating and what it means to others.
Role Playing Mentor System The RPM system designed to help new players get their questions answers. Largely abandoned in favor of the NEW knot.
Randoms Functions that give random ideas for RP help.
Rank Information on ranks throughout PW.
Rules PernWorld's rules and codes of conduct.
Runnerbeasts Information on runnerbeasts.
Search Information for the game's Search.
Search Co Commands Information for the game's Search Co commands.
+Sheet Information on how to set up your +sheet.
Sillies Silly ways to get the attention of your friends (or enemies).
Dragons Taxi System Information on the NPC dragon taxi system, largely abandoned in favor of +go and @tel.
Time Commands for getting the character time on the game.
Tinyplot Information on Tiny plots.
+View A command for adding detail to your objects.
Watchfor The notification system for viewing when players connect to the game.
Weather The game's weather system, mostly broken.
Wher Information on whers.
Weyrs General information on the weyrs.
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