What is a wher? Bioengineered by Wind Blossom Ping in an attempt to emprove on Kitti Ping's design of the dragons, resulting in ugly, malformed, photophobic, flightless dragons. They grow to about the size of a low slung runner (horse) and can move with surprising speed. Used as nighttime guards and in mines to detect poisonous gases or unstable tunnels. They see in infared (heat) and heat sources are painful to their eyes. They are useful in search and rescue efforts at night, because dragons don't see well in the dark. Their sense of smell is as acute as a canine's and they are powerful diggers, able to dig down to free trapped people. They are nocturnal and only active at night.

Limits Wher abilities and limits
Hatchings Information on Wher eggs and hatchings
handling Information on wher handling and requirements.
care Information on wher care, bonding and telepathy.
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Wher Limits

  • ACTIVITY: Whers are nocturnal and only active at night.
  • EYESIGHT: They are photophobic, unable to tolerate sunlight or even bright electric lights or flames. They see in the infared and heat sources are painful for their eyes.
  • FLIGHT: They can fly?? Well, it seems they can, but this is limited to ONLY at night and they cannot fly high or far. NO SKY ACCESS WILL BE ALLOWED FOR A WHER.
  • BETWEENING: They can go between?? Yeah, seems they can, even when standing on the ground to other ground locations or even underground ones IN TUNNELS. They are not as dependant on their handlers for between destinations as a dragon, but not quite able to pop just anywhere like a firelizard. Their range is limited and some whers may not even be able to figure out how to go between as this training takes a good handler. They cannot go between times and not any more then about a mile or two at very most. (ie. They cannot between from one 'area' to another. Such as from MIC to FTW, but they could go from say, the gather grounds at Ista Hold down to the Hold's beach maybe..



Hatchings. Will be limited to MINECRAFT ONLY. There will be a waiitng list for a CHANCE at an egg. No garentee you will get one, either and if you fail, you are dropped to the bottom of the waiting list and may not try again at the same clutch. You must convince the gold wher to allow you to take an egg. If you fail, she will throw you out of her den. No garentee the egg you get will be fertile if you get past the gold. Wher color will be RANDOM ONLY.. If your wher dies, you may not try to get another egg for a period of 1 turn after the death of the wher. To prevent whers from becoming like firelizards, hatchings will be strictly regulated and only open to the Minecraft Hall. Riders may NOT attempt to get a wher, but a dragonless rider who is a member of the Minecraft may. Its just that you may not have a dragon and a wher at the same time. The wher would become jelous and feel neglected and would look for a new handler or go wild.

Note on wild whers: Generally if people suspect a wher will go wild and see warning signs of this, they will call in someone to euthanize it as wild whers are highly dangerous to humans and livestock. ANY wher not wearing a collar with the mark and colors of their home Hall or Hold is assumed to be wild.

Whers are rare, do not clutch often and about half the clutch will be dud eggs. ONLY Golds lay fertile eggs. Green whers never lay fertile eggs. No eggs from wild whers will be available.


Wher Handling

To become a Wher Handler, you must join the MineCraft. As a subcraft of Minecrafting, Wher Handling is taught to those who show the aptitude for it. It starts by first learning the basic safety rules for working in the mines, so you can effectively function underground. You are told the basics of how to talk to whers and how to behave around them. This part is important! Then you are put on a waiting list for a wher egg. When a clutch becomes available and you come up on the list, you must go into the Gold Wher's den and convince her to give you an egg. If you know what you are doing and the wher queen approves of you, she will allow you to select ONE and only ONE egg. If the egg is fertile and kept warm, it will hatch into your new wher. Whers are named by using YOUR name and an 'sk. Tobbi's wher would be named Tosk. If the wher's bond with you is especially strong, it might have a longer name, such as Tobbi's wher being named Tobbisk. Whers who gaurd major Holds often take the name of the Hold in their name, such as Bitra's Wher being named Bitrask. Bonding is done within a few days of hatching at most and involves slicing ones hand enough to bleed then allowing the baby wher to drink the blood. It doesn't have to drink a lot, so no passing out from blood loss!

A wher's training begins at about 6 months old, teaching them to recognize residents, speak with dragons, detect bad air and find people who are buried under rubble, snow or water. If they can learn it, they are taught to go between. A Wher Handler with a trained Wher may be assigned to a Hold or Craft Hall as a gaurd, as part of a search and rescue team or to work with miners working mines near Holds, WeyrHolds or Halls. Mining Holds are given preference.


Wher Care

At hatching, a wher must be allowed to eat till it falls asleep. When they wake, feed them again till they fall asleep and so on. Their appetite will eventualy slacken as they grow and they will become very playful and active, unfortunatly at night. Wher Handlers don't get much sleep at night, so be aware of that drawback. First feedings are finely chopped or ground meat or oatmeal mixed with blood. They prefer the meat. Large pieces may choke them. They need bathing, but do NOT need oiling like dragons. Their skin is much tougher.

Bonding: To bond with a wher, it is traditional to blood bond them. Slice your palm enough to bleed (DON'T cripple yourself or bleed too long, silly!) and allow your wher to lick the blood off your hand. This is done within a day or two of hatching. Whers do not impress like dragons. You can think happy thoughts at them all you want and it won't make any difference to them during the bonding process. The bond can be broken. If you neglect or abuse your wher, it might run away and go wild or form a bond with someone else. Bonds can be transfered if a Wherhandler dies. Whers can live well over 100 turns.

Telepathy: Whers are somewhere between a firelizard and a dragon in this. They do not comunicate with a lot of words. In fact, they generally will rarely even use any word other then their name to their handler. They can be taught to use a limited number of words for when comunicating with dragons, such as emergancy, fire, flood, etc.. They are mostly empathic, sending images. Their images are NOT like a firelizards! They see in infared, so their images will be heat patterns, not 'pictures'. They mostly comunicate in grunts, chirps and other noises combined with body language. See +help wher language


Wher Commands

To see a list of whers found on this MUSH: +whers
To get on the waiting list for a Wher Egg: +wherlist me
To get a list of people on the waiting list for a Wher Egg: +wherlist




  1. Whers are not to be left unattended in places that are not their homes. Holders seeing a strange wher without a handler tend to become quite alarmed. As such, all whers should be desced wearing collars, with markings and colors of their home Hall or Hold on the big leather collars.
  2. When whers are transported during daylight hours, they are blindfolded or wear special tinted goggles to protect their sensitive eyes.
  3. Whers may be moved to other areas via transport dragon or in a trader wagon. Generally they are only moved by dragon during emergancies where time is critical.
  4. Whers are not pets. They are working animals. They are not 'shown off' like a prized runnerbeast, so no popping around Pern to show off your 'pet'. Outside of the MineCraft and Mining Holds, you rarely even see more then just the one who is guarding a Hold. Hold guard whers are not keen on having strange whers around unless one of them is a proddy female and the other is male.


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