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The current Weyrs in this timeline are:

PC Weyrs:

Knot Code Name Coordinates
FOW Fort Weyr 3.5, 30N
HMW Half Moon Bay Weyr 22.2, 22N
IEW Ierne WeyrHold+ 3.8, 45S
IGW Igen Weyr 6.9, 43N
ISW Ista Weyr 6, 19N
MBW Monaco Bay Weyr 13.5, 25S
XAW Xanadu Weyr 10, 45S

NPC Weyrs:

Knot Code Name Coordinates
BEW Benden Weyr 9, 52N
HOW Honshu WeyrHold 8, 44S
HRW High Reaches Weyr 3, 52N
TEW Telgar Weyr 6, 57N

+Name changed to Ierne WeyrHold after move from Southern Hold area.

(Benden Weyr may not be used at all due to Anne McCaffrey's restrictions on Fan Weyrs, Clubs and MUs)

For more info on a Weyr: +area (3 letter code)
ie. +area HMW

For finding out what Holds and Crafts are beholden to a Weyr: +beholden (Weyr's 3 letter code)
ie. +beholden FOW

NOTE: Ista and Igen Weyrs are both NPC but still habitable. Benden, Telgar, High Reaches and Honshu are not livable areas.

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