Tinyplots are 'scenarios' set up by individuals or area leaders to inspire roleplay. They can be small or large. They can be inspired by random events or planned by the areas involved.

Here on PW, we offer many tools to enhance roleplay.
We have a bboard for organizing tinyplots (bboard 43), we offer the use of builders for the NPC areas for building 'sets' for tinyplots. ie. Ista Weyr needs Red Sands Hold so the Weyr can run a tinyplot that involves politically manipulating the Lord Holder. They request use of the Red Sand's builder, being as Red Sands is NPC (at the time) and they build a handful of rooms for the scene.

Or say, High Reaches Hold wants to rescue a bunch of trapped people near High Reaches Hold. They request the use of the High Reaches Hold Builder and make the needed set for the tinyplot. Sets may be saved and reused over again.

Requests for set building builders are sent to Mynti. TPs effecting the area you live in should be cleared with your area leaders before requesting a set builder.

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