For those times when you need to get somewhere and there is no PC to take you….. Taxi!!!! Yes, Pernworld has it's own NPC taxi service, though there are a great number of riders out there who do this as well.

To call the taxi, simply type: call taxi

And poof, he'll come to you, but please don't sit and idle inside the taxi, it keeps other people from using him.

For times when there are PC riders available, you may find them on the JOB knot, using 'JOB .who'.

To call a rider: +callrider <reason>

In the 'reason' section you can indicate if you need one or more dragons to show up. Holders can call freight haulers or for rides to conclave meetings or whatever. Reg people can call for a dragon 'taxi', etc. How much a rider charges is up to the rider, so ask if not sure.

If you are a rider, you can add yourself to the JOB knot using 'JOB +me' and to set yourself on duty, use '+dragonduty on/off'.

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