The +sheet is a fast way of listing a person's IC information.

To view a person's +sheet, type: '+sheet <name>'

To set up your own +sheet, please input the following information:

Code What information is required
&EMAIL ME= Email address
&FULL_NAME ME= Character's full name
&BIRTHPLACE ME= Where your character was born
&BIRTHSECS ME= This is auto-set when setting your age
&HOME ME= Where your character is currently living
&POSITION ME= Your Position where you are staying
&CRAFT ME= The crafts your character is affiliated with
&RANK ME= Your character's rank
&SPECIALITY ME= Your character's specialty in their craft
&HAIR ME= Hair color
&EYES ME= Eye color
&WEIGHT ME= Weight/build
&HEIGHT ME= Height
&MOTHER ME= Mother's name
&FATHER ME= Father's Name
&SIBLINGS ME= Brothers and Sisters
&MATE ME= Mate or Mates
&CHILDREN ME= Children
&RELATIVES ME= Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Grandparents, Nieces, Nephews…
&NOTES ME= Notes about this character
&INFO ME= Background of Character, usually left to +info

PLEASE NOTE: The settings for Craft, Position, and Rank are to be kept IC. Any violations reported will result in that field being locked to its appropriate setting so that you may no longer tamper with it.

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