SearchCo Commands

SearchCo is the OOC group of people for a Weyr, who during search coordinate and carry out the searching of new Candidates for a Weyr's hatching. As such, they have a difficult job of deciding who will be searched and who will impress (unless the Weyr is using random impression). The following should be observed:

1. People who applied (oocly) for search must not page SearchCo members, asking WHEN or IF their characters will be searched or IF they will impress. You will find out only IF you are to be searched or impressed.

2. Members of a Search Co may not be Candidates at a Weyr they are on the Search Co of.

3. Having SearchCo members at more then 2 Weyrs is not allowed. Using SearchCo members to enforce 'blacklists' to prevent certain people from impressing dragons through influencing search at multiple Weyrs as a SearchCo member is grounds for banishment from the MUSH. (believe me, I've seen it happen before.. dirty politics are not pretty nor tolerated for long)

The following commands are for SearchCo and Wizards only:

can .who/<weyr> this will list all the people who have registered an interest in Search at <weyr>
can .who colors/<weyr> this will list the colors desired by all the people who have registered for <weyr>
applist/<weyr> lists all the people who have registered an interest in Search at <weyr>. It will tell you if an applicant has an application on file,if they are set Search_OK and if they are a Candidate.
searchlist/<weyr> lists those applicants who have been set Search_OK
candlist/<weyr> lists Candidates at <weyr>
showquestions/<weyr> lists the questions on <weyr>'s Search App
showapp/<weyr> <name> displays the application of <name>
addquestion/<weyr> <question> adds <question> as a question to the Search App for <weyr>
delquestion/<weyr> <question number> deletes the question number <question number> from the Search app for <weyr>
updatequestion/<weyr> <question number>= <updated question> updates <question number>
searchok/<weyr> <name> sets <name> as Search_OK for <weyr>
searchno/<weyr> <name> UNsets <name> as Search_OK for <weyr>
unsearch/<weyr> <name> removes <name> from being a Candidate
search/<weyr> <name> turns <name> into a Candidate, including adding them to the <weyr> knot
scomment/<weyr> <name>=<comment> records <comment> as a comment on <name> if <name> has registered for Search at <weyr>.NOTE: This will also work for Candidates although they can not see comments and can only comment on other candidates.
listcom/<weyr> shortlists all the comments on the <weyr> DB.
showcom/<weyr> <name> shows comments on or by <name>
svote/<weyr> <name>=<yes|no|abstain> registers a vote on Searching <name>
svotes/<weyr> displays a table of Search votes
ivote/<weyr <name>=<yes|no|abstain| gold|bronze|brown|blue|green> registers a vote on Impressing <name>
ivotes/<weyr> displays a table of Impression votes
myvotes/<weyr> displays all of your votes for <weyr>
checksvotes/<weyr> tells you who voted what for Search
hidesvotes/<weyr> <yes|no> hides/unhides 'svotes/<weyr>'. When hidden, only SearchCo admin and wizards can use 'svotes/<weyr>'. Default is unhidden.
checkivotes/<weyr> tells you who voted what for Impression
hideivotes/<weyr> <yes|no> hides/unhides 'ivotes/<weyr>'. When hidden, only SearchCo admin and wizards can use 'ivotes/<weyr>'. Default is unhidden.
barracks/<weyr> <dbref> sets a <dbref> to which new Candidates are linked. (optional)
reset/<weyr> clears all information from the <weyr> DB *except* the Search Application questions. Does NOT unregister people's interest.
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