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+help Search Schedule

Pern World Search Cycle:

2017 Hatch Cycle:

MBW: OOC Search: Jan 07 - Jan 21; Hatch before Feb 20
ISW: OOC Search: Feb 25 - Mar 11; Hatch before Apr 10
XAW: OOC Search: Apr 15 - Apr 29; Hatch before May 29
HMW: OOC Search: Jun 03 - Jun 17; Hatch before Jul 17
IGW: OOC Search: Jul 22 - Aug 05; Hatch before Sep 04
FOW: OOC Search: Sep 09 - Sep 23; Hatch before Oct 23
MBW: OOC Search: Oct 28 - Nov 11; Hatch before Dec 11


  • Hatch Before means before but NOT including that date.
  • Inactive Weyrs may have a TEW clutch run in their place at the wizards


+help Search Misc

Who is searched and what stops a person from being searched?

Search dragons seek out receptive minds. People who can hear them are of high interest to them over people who cannot hear them.

They will most often turn people down if:

1. The rider overrides the search dragon (in cases of heirs to Holds or people with handicaps that would prevent them from being able to handle being a dragonrider)

2. The person is married. A married person CAN impress in weird circumstances like stands impressions, but they cannot be searched. The rider would overrule the searchdragon as the candidacy and weyrlingship would be far too hard for the non-rider spouse to cope with. A Widow young enough to be searched still can be searched. Pregnancy will not cause a person to not be searched, but they will be expected to foster the child out soon as possible after its birth (note that Kylara was nursing her son while a candidate). If too far along during the hatching, they may ask the Candidate to wait for the next hatching if there is a possibility of them going into labor on the sands. If a person gives birth as a Weyrling later, its pretty rough on them, but Pern has painkillers and the child can be handed to a wet nurse soon as its born. A pregnant Weyrling would be grounded soon as anyone found out the fact and be put on light duty till after the birth. It may delay graduation for them. A note on this, dragons don't automatically act as pregnancy detectors. Pern has no moral problems with abortions and the right herbal infusion or spending a little too long between will get rid of unwanted births (Kylara did this after impressing just because she didn't want a kid fathered by a particular rider…)

3. Searchriders will turn down blind, deaf, crippled, obviously psychotic or people who are terrified of dragons. ICly a Weyr has no reason to drag someone in to stand who has a 'fear of dragons'. This is not the old days before Lessa where people are kidnapped and tossed on the sands unprepared, after all. And nowdays people line up when search riders come hoping to be picked.

4. In the case of twins, sometimes both twins will be searched. Due to the odd case of empathic twins who feel each other, the dominant twin will sometimes 'block' the other twin from the search dragon's senses.. A searchrider will tend to search both twins just in case. Worst that can happen is the twin being left on the sands.

Notes: In Ever the Twain, a Pern short story in Gift of Dragons, Holder kids of the right age were asked to come out and stand in a line for the search dragons. The search dragons would go down the line and pick the people they wanted. Most, if not all Holds cooperate with the Weyrs during search these days.


+help Search Rules

OOC Search Requirements:

1. A weyr must be on time for their scheduled hatching or their hatching will be run randomly by the wizards from those that applied to the weyr.

2. A weyr must have at least five (5) members on search co, from five (5) different IPs to run a hatching. All five (5) members must be active and vote on game otherwise the hatching will be run randomly by the wizards.

3: If a weyr does not wish to run a run a hatching during their scheduled turn, due to the rules above, the wizards will run a random Telgar hatching in their slot, or the cycle may be skipped.

4: If a weyr wishes to have their hatching run randomly by the wizards for any cycle, they may.

5: Weyrs may swap cycles with another Weyr as long as they a) have the consent of the other Weyr and b) clear it through wizards.

6: There is a limit of six (6) impressions per hatching cycle. Some years, a weyr may get two hatching cycles. Most years, they will only have one hatching cycle.

If a weyr chooses to do a completely random hatching they are eligible for one (1) extra impression that cycle. If a weyr includes having a random gold hatchling they are eligible for two (2) extra impressions that cycle. Random cycles, including whether or not there will be a random gold, must be declared at the START of a Weyr's OOC search cycle and may not be changed once declared. A random cycle is not required to hatch a gold, but if one is
hatched it must also be selected randomly. The Wizards will use the preference machine for the Weyr and run the random selection at least one week before the Hatching.

7: There is a limit of one (1) gold hatchling per hatching cycle, up to a total of five (5) active gold riders at a weyr. Idle or retired gold riders do not count toward this total. If a previously idle or retired gold rider returns to have a clutch, they are then considered part of the five (5) total limit of active gold riders.

8: Once a candidate is searched, they are considered a candidate until they are too old to stand, or are no longer allowed to be a candidate by one of the wizards. If a candidate wishes to go to a new weyr if/when they do not
impress and try again, they must be allowed to. No weyr may turn down an already searched candidate, unless rule 9 applies.

9: No weyr may search or take as a transfer candidate a person who applies to their weyr after their ooc search has closed.

10: No SearchCo member or Candidate may use the same IP address in a weyr's cycle. Any duplicate addressed will forfeit both the SearchCo memeber and Candidate.

11: If a weyr with five (5) active golds impresses another, one of the golds must transfer to a weyr that has less than the limit, or open one of the npc weyrs. This does not apply to retired goldriders.

12. SearchCo must have 5 search votes on a candidate in order for them to be searched (excluding those covered under Rule 8 which must be searched). This does not have to be 5 votes in favor, just five votes total.

13. SearchCo must have 5 impression votes on each candidate no later than five (5) days before the must-hatch date. In the event votes are not submitted timely, the wizards will randomly roll to determine the impressions on the 5th day before the hatching. Ex: Hatching date is Jan 6th, if there are not 5 votes for each then the wizards will roll for the results on Jan 1st. This does not have to be 5 votes in favor, just 5 votes total. The final determination on who is Searched and who is Impressed is based on the votes submitted, but is determined by the Senior Weyrwoman and Weyrleader of each Weyr. In event of disagreement between the two, the Senior Weyrwoman has the final call.

14. IC search is closed when each Weyr decides to. IC search can be kept open until the day before the hatching if a Weyr so decides.

15. A player may be on a maximum of two (2) different Weyr's SearchCo's per search cycle. A search cycle is one rotation of the weyrs and begins with Ista.

16. A player may only have one candidate per Weyr at a time.

17. Hatchings:

In general, candidates must be connected during the hatching to impress. As hatching dates are known in advance, players who know they can not attend must coordinate a puppetteer.

If a candidate does not show up for a hatching the following apply:

Searchco must not hatch said candidates egg unless the candidate logs on. At the end of the hatching Searchco may @emit the egg hatching and impressing to an NPC, but do NOT hatch the egg via the code. Depending on the circumstances which prevented them from attending when the candidate next logs on, a retcon of the impression may or may not be granted by the Wizards. If granted, the code will then be run for the candidate by one of the SearchCo and/or a Wizard to impress the dragon.

If a candidate is online for the hatching and disconnects at any point and is unable to reconnect:

The candidates egg should either be held to hatch last, or if already hatched wander the sands until the very end. Basically, you give the candidate as much time as possible to reconnect. If they do not reconnect by the end of the hatching, SearchCo must @emit the impression to the PC. When the candidate next logs on SearchCo and/or a Wizard will complete the impression code on the sands with the candidate.

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