The descendant of the Terran horse. Used for the following:

  • Work: A working runnerbeast is one used for herding herdbeasts (ie cattle). A cutting horse would be an example 'working horse'
  • Race: Bred for speed, these runnerbeasts are highly prized, pampered and carefully trained for racing. Racing may include short sprints, distance racing, steeplechase, cross country endurance and harness racing (trotters/pacers). PernWorld racing currently only covers normal 'running' race horses. More info on racing runnerbeasts may be found in 'news racing'.
  • Ride: Your normal riding horse. Bred for stable temperament.
  • Pony: Small runnerbeasts under 13.5 hands tall. A hand is 4 inches.
  • Draft: Large runnerbeasts used mostly for farming and pulling heavy loads.

Race tracks are currently found at:

  • Southern Boll Hold (Triple Crown Race: Ruby Stakes)
  • Island River Hold (Triple Crown Race: Black Diamond Stakes)
  • Half Moon Bay Hold (Triple Crown Race: Emerald Derby)
  • Eastern Weyr
  • Landing

Runners may be purchased using +money at various stables. The first place to check would be the BeastCraft Hall. It may be reached by '@tel me=#4000'

Note: Haggling the price is an acceptable practice on Pern.

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