In an effort to protect children and those who do not wish to see adult rated roleplay, PernWorld has a rating system. The ratings echo those for other media and are: G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17 and XXX. For an explanation for what each rating means, please read 'news ratings'. Also read '+help ratings' and 'news minors'.

You will NOT be discriminated against on the basis of your rating. With that in mind, please choose a rating that you feel genuinely comfortable with. You can, if you choose, change your rating at a later date.

Setting your Rating

Command: +rated <rating>

This sets your personal rating for RP. If it is unset, it defaults to NR (Not Rated). Once it is set, you cannot revert back to NR.

These ratings do not necessarily show what the person is 'into'. They do, however, show what the person can (or can't) be offended by. Please be considerate, and try not to offend anyone, thank you.

  • In setting yourself R, you are making a statement that you are over 16 (Real Life)
  • In setting yourself X or XXX, you are making a statement that you are over 18 (Real Life).

Anyone who is underaged (Real Life) who sets their characters Rating at an adult rating or the parents of same may not hold the Mushes admin or site responsible for what they view.

Along the same lines, if a public event will contain elements that push it past an R rating or higher, this MUST be announced before the event commences so folks are properly warned.

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