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Weyr Rank Weyrhold Rank

Craft rank

Apprenticeship can start as early as 10 for some of the less physical disciplines, such as the Harper Hall where a voice or musical aptitude are noticed at an early age. 12 and 14 are the other ages at which apprentices can be started.

A promising student of average ability would make Journeyman between 18-21, having proved that s/he has a firm understanding of the basics of whatever trade/profession they've undertaken.

Master's knot requires an additional 4-8 years training…for instance, Healer Hall would take the longest. A person of real genius, like Menolly, would receive the accolade much sooner.

If a player does not state their prefered rank to either the CM of the craft or a wizard when joining an 'open' knot, their rank will be set by either the CM or a wizard based on IC age based on the (birthsecs) and if there is no age set, the characters rank will be set as Student.

Rank for Crafts with no CM or inactive CMs may be set by the Craft Wizard.


Hold Rank

  • Steward
  • Headwoman
  • Lady Holder
  • Lord Holder
  • Hold Heir


Weyr Rank

  • WeyrlingMaster
  • Ast Weyrlingmaster
  • WingSecond
  • WingLeader
  • WeyrLeader
  • Jr WeyrWoman
  • Sr WeyrWoman


Weyrhold Rank

  • WeyrLord
  • WeyrLady or WeyrHold Second


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