Here is some basic puppet code you can set on your character:
&PUPPET me=$pup *:@fo #<dbref>=[trim([switch(1,strmatch(%0,@emit*;*),@emit [escape(rest(%0))],strmatch(%0,*;*),escape(%0),%0)],l,\\)]

Just replace the bold sections with your desired variable name, command and dbref number and you're all set!

This is the Global Puppet Controller, slightly misnomered the FLU (for FireLizard Unit). In the below, '<aka>' stands for a three-letter abbreviation for a puppet, and '<alias>' a one-word nickname for a locale.

Command list:

!add <aka> <object> Add a puppet.
!delete <aka> Remove a puppet.
!list List puppets.
!<aka>do <action> Force a puppet.
!ex <aka> Examine puppet.
!set <aka>=<flag | attr> @Set something on puppet.
!trig <aka> <attr> @Trigger something on puppet.
!learn <alias>=<dbref | here | aka> Learn location.
!forget <alias> Forget location.
!locations List locations.
!<aka> where List puppet's location.
!send <aka> <alias | dbref> Send puppet to location (FL ONLY!)
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