The Proddy System was set up to try to organize and spread out the proddy cycles of the female dragons on this mush. It is not required that riders use this system, however some areas are offering incentives for flight participation that include prizes for the most flights attended, the most flights won, and the females' favorites.

To participate in the flights or hold a flight, you need to have your proddy code added to your dragon.


+Proddy On This turns the proddy code and adds you to the FLT Knot.
+Proddy Reset This resets a female dragon's proddy starting point. Please only use once.
=FLT <message> Code for projecting on the Mating Flight Channel.
=FLT/LOC <message> Code for projecting to dragons in the same room.
=flt/Area <Message> Code for projecting to dragons in your current area.
FLT .who This lists all the dragons available to chase and all the females currently in their proddy cycle.
+FLT Winner=<DragonOrRider> This declares a winner of your flight.
+FLT NPCWinner=<Rider>'s <Color> <Dragon> Allows a rider of Green or Gold to NPC and Win
+FLT Attend=<RiderOrDragon> Records Flight on each Rider's Attendance Sheet
+FLT <DragonOrRider> Wins Lists the wins of that player as well as dates.
&flight-date me=Where - Date - Time &flight-date me=Western Weyr - Friday Mar 16 - 8PM EST. This is for advertising your flight on the MOTD. Please use the above format.

For Greenriders:

+flt ocmale This picks a random male from a list of willing males for winning an off camera flight. It only picks and does not notify the winner or update anything. Its just used for picking a random winner. The winner need not even be on line at the time.

For riders of male dragons:

+flt oc on Adds your male dragon to the list of males willing to win off camera flights.
+flt oc off Removes your male dragon from the above list.

Please note: While the code will allow you to announce a winner even if your dragon isn't proddy, it will record the date, so attempting to use this code to help someone cheat will be /very/ obvious to everyone on the mush and you'll only be hurting yourself.

When you announce a win to your female dragon's flight, it will be recorded on your flights and the winner's flight wins along with the date. Your Dragon will no longer appear 'proddy' on the flt .who and the most recent winner will be displayed.

If there are any problems @mail Mynti

See also '+help flights'.

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