To view a character's preferences use +finger <character>

+Pref <Pref>=<Yes/No>

You may set as few or as many as you wish at one time.
Once they are set, you can only change them between 'Yes' and 'No'; you cannot clear them.

Current list of preferences:

Pref: Yes: No:
IC Treat as IC character Not an IC character
OOC OOC Stuff is okay Do not be OOC please
RP Want to RP? Sure. Don't bother about RPing
TP Willing for longterm RP plots Unwilling for longterm RP plots
TS Possible tinysex Never tinysex
ANGST Emotional RP is good Emotional RP is not good
DEATH Sure, I'll die… for a good reason Immortal-ish
LOG Go ahead and log me Please ask before logging me
GOSSIP You can Post on Rumours about me Ask before posting on Rumours
CODE Willing to discuss coding Unwilling to discuss coding
BUILD Willing to discuss building Unwilling to discuss building
CANON Willing to discuss canon Unwilling to discuss canon
SILLY Willing to be silly I am a SERIOUS roleplayer only!
GAY Character prefers same gender relationships Character is not homosexual
BI Character has no gender preference in relationships Character is not bisexual

The last two are optional and need not be set on characters under 16 turns old.

If you have a pref you'd like to be added, @mail Mynti.

See also +help +finger.

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