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For our adult players there is an Adult channel and bboard. Please ask a wizard to add you to the chat if you want to join and state your RL age at the time you ask. See '+area sex' for more.

Also see '+help rating' and 'prefs'

People under 18 can read 'news minors'.



In order to keep PernWorld authentic, enjoyable and in character with the theme, a few guidelines have been established. Your cooperation in following these is appreciated; if you have a disagreement, please discuss it with a wizard. If there is a problem created because of your character, the wizards will step in.

Please keep your character(s) consistent. This means:
You must be human, born on Pern. No sentient animals, aliens, or dragons allowed. Some exceptions MIGHT be made, in the case of a native animal. Native animals may be played as puppets. Dragons can be played only as puppets as well (See 'news Dragonrider') Petition a wizard for advice.

Your objects should conform to a Pernese environment. No super high-tech objects are allowed; this includes anything from laser weapons to holographic media. Pern does not use combustion engines, so there are no cars.
'News technology' may be of help here. New tech that doesn't currently exist in this timeline must be approved by the Wizards.

Please do not use the names of characters from the Pern novels, such as F'lar, Lessa, Robinton, Menolly, Moreta, etc. (See '+help rules') Anyone using the names of major characters from the books, including naming yourself after a dragon from the books, may be removed from this mush without warning, as you should have read this and known better..

Please do not call yourself a dragonrider unless you have Impressed either on PernWorld or have applied for and had a rider character approved by the Wizards. (see '+help dragonrider') An ' in your name doesn't make you a rider…Its just an apostrophe..

Characters who can 'hear all dragons' must be approved by the Wizards. This requires all wizards to agree and isn't likely…But one can try to apply..

(See also '+help chargen' for info on making a character and 'news Idle-Characters' for info on inactive characters.) See '+help family' for info on establishing relatives.

See +help dragonrider for info in dragonrider characters.
See +help crafts for Crafters.
See +help holder for Holders.
See the drop down menus above or holdsfor different areas.



To tell what area admin are online, use
adm .who

For a list of all area admin:
adm .who/all



The ORG knot and Family bboard (#15) were created as a means of helping establish relationships between characters. If you are seeking to play the relation of another PC or even NPC, these sources will help. Please do not make yourself a direct relative of a PC without asking the owner of that PC first.

If your character is the relative of an established NPC, such as NPCs listed in the news on Holds, Crafts or Weyrs, please let Bey, Mynti, or Ari know so they can set your 'Relation' field on the ORG knot to keep track of any heirs or whatever that the Conclave may be interested in knowing about. However, just being the '1st son of Lord Holder X' is no garentee you will ever be the next Lord Holder as new Lords must be approved by the Conclave.

When setting your Birthplace attribute, please try to use the +area Abbreviations



Characters left in the Birth room are subject to being @dested after 30 days of not logging in. Other characters that have not logged in in more then 90 days are subject to being @dested. Builder characters are not subject to this. If you plan to be inactive over 90 days, PLEASE put this fact in your +finger information. ie. '&vacation me=(length and reason for being gone)'.

Characters that have no description or a completely non-theme description (ie. desced as a elf, an alien or something else not fitting the Dragonriders of Pern (tm) theme) who are outside of Chargen will be @dested at once. Anyone RPing a non-theme character and causing players to complain may be asked to change or remove their non-theme desc on the spot by one or more of the admin…

Any leader of an area idle for more then 30 days straight may be replaced at the wizards discretion from other characters in that 'area'. Leaders gone for over 10 days will have other players added to their 'knots' as admin or wizards may add people to the knots so the area doesn't suffer from inactive leadership and lack of growth.

The recycled characters are not ICly dead though, they have just gone off somewhere for a period of time. A character is only dead when the player choses to kill it.

Characters owned by Super-Elite Sponsors are not idle dested (see '+help sponsor')
Long term idle characters (special case, vacationed, Super-Elite sponsors) may however be relocated to Honshu WeyrHold.



See the above for Pern's weyrs. Or look at the weyrs, crafts, or holds pages.


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