Parent Objects

Dragon Parent Parent for dragon objects
Exit Parent Parent for room exits

Dragon Parent

See +help dragon


Exit parent

Global Exit Parent: #124
Sky Lock: #300
Ocean Lock: #293
Underwater Lock: #265

The Global Exit Parent is a configurable parent for exits, which uses different messages depending on the race of the object going through the lock. If the race of the object is not on your 'data-races' list, it defaults to the message for race = object.

In order to use:

  • @parent <exit>=#124
  • &data-races <exit>=<list of races that will have messages>
  • &lock-races <exit>=<list of races forbidden or permitted>
  • @lock <exit>=@#124 (if lock-races is forbidden) or !@#124 (if it is permitted)
  • &succ-<race> <exit>=<@Succ message for that race>
  • &osucc-<race> <exit>=<@OSucc messages>
  • &odrop-<race> <exit>=<@ODrop messages>
  • &drop-<race> <exit>=<@Drop message> (optional)
  • &fail-<race> <exit>=<@Fail message>

Sky Lock, Ocean Lock, and Underwater Lock are specifically configured children of the GEP; to use them, @parent to <DBRef of Lock> instead of #124, and @lock <exit>=@<DBref>.


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