• mp <name list>=<msg>

Pages a group of people.
<name list> can be space-separated (eg: Steph Mynti Maiden) or comma-separated (eg: Steph, Mynti, Maiden), or even a single name. Also, can be one of two Symbols, for group-last-paged-by-you (&) or last-page-group-you-were-a-member-of ($). Duplicates, non-players-names, and yourself are removed from the list. Obeys Away, Reject, and Idle message foo. Only stores those successfully paged last.

  • mp

'mp' alone shows you the last group you paged (repesented by &) and the last grouping you were a member of (represented by $). Since you cannot page yourself, & does not reset $ when you page back, until the next time you are paged.

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