Help Minors

All players under the RL age of 18 MUST be set G or PG as a rating. The game will not be responsible for the actions of children who lie about their real age. Please use the +ratings! See '+Help Ratings' for more.

Please do not RP situations that may offend parents or sensitive people in a room with anyone set either G or PG as a rating. Please avoid sexual or very violent situations in a public room with a +watch, puppets or other means that a person with a rating of G or PG may view such.

People are resposible for their own actions and the admin or site admin of the game or the site cannot be held responsible for the actions of adults online or unsupervised children online.

At the request of the parents the +rating of a child's characters may be locked so they cannot change it.

Note for Mating Flights:

The 'sex' part of mating flights does NOT need to be 'on camera' and can, and is most often, skipped in roleplay by those who do not wish to participate or players who are too young to do so. While it is possible for a rider under 16 turns old to win a mating flight, you must avoid public graphic roleplaying out the 'sex' part of mating flights with anyone whose +rating is G, PG, PG-13 or R. What you do in your private rooms with consenting adults is your own business and the admin don't want to hear about it.


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