This system was installed in order to allow area leaders to keep track of their activity levels as well as to allow you to check your own online activity levels for things like firelizard clutches and mark distribution and such.


+Activity This is your activity in hours for the last 2 weeks.
+Active This is a day by day break down of your activity.
+Active for <Month> This is the breakdown for a given month.
ActiveCheck <KNOT> This lists all people active in the last 2 weeks on that knot.
KnotCheck <Knot> Everyone's activity on that knot.
KnotCheck <Knot> for <Month> Everyone on that knot for that month.


Stats stands for Statistics. This is simply a listing of yesterday and today's player activity. The mush keeps track by once an hour checking to see how many people are online and recording it.

Command: STATS


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