Information on Holds

nholds Northern Continent Holds
sholds Southern Continent Holds
wholds Western Ring Island Holds
mholds Minor Holds

People wishing to play characters related to any Lord or Lady Holders, PC or NPC, should read:

holder Playing a holder
holdbrats Playing a holdbrat

Northern Continent Holds

Knot Code Name (Weyr Associate) Coordinates
BEH Benden Hold (BEW) 9, 46N
BIH Bitra Hold (BEW) 8, 50N
CRH Crom Hold (TEW) 4.6, 56N
FOH Fort Hold (FOW) 3.6, 30N
HRH High Reaches Hold (HRW) 2.8, 56N
IGH Igen Hold (IGW) 7.4, 35N
ISH Ista Hold (ISW) 6.2, 16N
KEH Keroon Hold (IGW) 8, 27N
LEH Lemos Hold (BEW) 6.9, 50N
NAH Nabol Hold (HRW) 4, 48N
NEH Nerat Hold (ISW) 9.5, 20N
RUH Ruatha Hold (FOW - NPC ONLY!) 3.8, 39N
TEH Telgar Hold (TEW) 5.8, 55N
TIH Tillek Hold (HRW) 1.2, 39N

For more info on a Hold: +area (3 letter code)
ie. +area TIH


Southern Continent Holds

Knot Code Name (Weyr Associate) Coordinates
BLH Big Lagoon Hold (IEW) 6, 12S
BRH Black Rock Hold (XAW) 10.3, 47S
CEH Central Hold (IEW) 5.5, 24S
COH Cove Hold (EAW) 12.5, 22S
GBH Great Bay Hold (IEW) 4, 39S
HPH High Palisades Hold (IEW) 4, 47S
IRH Island River Hold (HOW) 7.4, 21S
LAN Landing (EAW) 13.4, 30S
MBH Monaco Bay Hold (EAW) 13.4, 25S
PRH Paradise River Hold (EAW) 11.4, 31S
PSH Paradise River Sea Hold (EAW) 11.3, 28S
ROH Roma Hold (HOW) 6.6, 31S
RRH Rubicon River Hold (XAW) (9.6, 34S)
SDH South Bend Hold (EAW) 11.6, 39S
SOH Southern Hold (IEW) 6.5, 5S


Western Ring Island Holds

Knot Code Name (Weyr Associate) Coordinates
HMB Half Moon Bay 22.3, 22N


Minor Holds

Knot Code Name (Weyr Associate) Coordinates
BAH Balen Hold (TEW) 6, 51N
BLN Balan Hold (HRW) 1.8, 52N
BYH Bayhead Hold (IGW) 8.8, 39N
CFH Campbell's Field Hold (TEW) 5.9, 51N
CHH Curved Hill Hold (IGW) 8.5, 39N
FCH Far Cry Hold (BEW) 6.6, 54N
FKH Fork Hold (BEW) 8.5, 43N
GYH Grayson Hold (TEW) 6.5, 52N
GSH Greystones Hold (BEW) 9.6, 35N
GRH Grypcove Ridge Cothold (XAW) 9.6, 47S (est?)
HCH Half Circle Sea Hold (BEW) 9.4, 31N
HGH High Ground Hold (IGW) 8.3, 40N
HUH High Plateau Hold (IGW) 8.8, 40N
HAH Hannista Hold (XAW) 9.8, 41S (est?)
HOG Hold Gar (FOW) 3.7, 19N
IGS Igen Sea Hold (ISW) 6.9, 29N
IRH Island River Hold (HOW) 7.4, 20S
GIH Ista Gar Hold (ISW) 6.2, 20N
KFH Katz Field Hold (IGW) 7.5, 27N
KHH Keogh Hold (HRW) 4, 51N
KRH Keroon River Hold (IGW) 8.6, 39N
LAH Lado Hold (ISW) 5.5, 25N (?)
LMH Lemos Minehold (TEW) 6.9, 50N
LSH Lewis Hold (HRW) 3, 58N
LOH Lost Hold (IGW) 8, 38N
MIH Misty Hold (HRW) 1.8, 39N
MOH Moreta's Hold (IGW) 7.9, 39N
NMH Neratian Miner Hold (ISW) 6, 17N
OGH Ogren Hold (HRW) 3.9, 56N
PAH Pars Hold (HRW) 3, 52N
PEH Peyton Hold (FOW) 3.3, 21N
PNH Plains Hold (BEW) 7.3, 45N
PLH Plateau Hold (FOW) 3.9, 42N
RSH Red Sands Hold (ISW) 5.9, 29N
RBH Ressac Beach SeaHold (XAW) 8.9, 33S (est?)
RVH River Bend Hold (HRW) 2.8, 52N
RYH Rocky Hold (ISW) 6, 23N
SAH Sattle Hold (HRW) 2.5, 38N
SCH Sea Cliff Hold (ISW) 5.8, 30N
SLH Smokey Lake Hold (IGW) 6.7, 45N (est?)
STH South Telgar Hold (IGW) 6.3, 42N
SYH Sykan Hold (WEW) 22.3, 23N
TOH Torince Hold (WEW) 22.4, 23N
VLH Valley Hold (BEW) 9.2, 41N
VAH Vale Hold (BEW) 9.6, 46N (est?)

(please note that some places with estimated coordinates are places that turned up after the Atlas of Pern or are player created. If you have an unlisted Hold as part of your background, feel free to send the coordinates to Mynti)



A Lord Holder is the 'ruler' of a Hold. A Lady Holder is either his wife or in some cases, where there is no Lord Holder, the Lady Holder may be the one running a Hold. The heir to a Hold is the first born male child or the first born female child if there are no male heirs.

A holder is someone who lives in a Hold. They are, for the most part, like serfs. Working at the Hold in exchange for being allowed to live there, for food and basic clothing. Some make Marks on the side selling wares during gathers.

If you choose for your character to be related to a Lord or Lady Holder, you must do the following. If the Lord or Lady Holder is a PC, please get permission from the player and also inform the wizards via @mail *wizards. If its a NPC, please request permission from the wizards. Most requests will be approved if there are no conflicts. The wizards try to keep records of who is related to any Lord/Lady.



On PernWorld, you can request to be a close blood relation to a Lord or Lady Holder. In fact, you may also request to play one of the NPC Lord/Lady or an heir to a NPC run Hold without having to build or run the Hold if all you want to do is show up at other places visiting or just roleplay at the Conclave meetings to add color.

Anyone who wants their character to be a close relation to a Lord or Lady Holder on Pern only need to ask to have the character added to the Hold Brat knot. It helps track who has direct blood ties to where in cases of Hold disputes in the Conclave or in cases of roleplay involving Hold politics.


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