The help system implemented on PernWorldMUSH supports multiple help systems. The following commands may be used:

+help Lists help topics.
+help <topic> Shows help for <topic>.
+help/systems Shows available help systems.
+<system>help Lists <system>help topics.
+<system>help <topic> Shows <system>help for <topic>.

Help Creation

You may place help text on either an object, or a room (for local help). If you wish to create a help object, it must be added to the help system by a wizard.
The attributes needed are:

<system>HelpSubjs_Default A space delimited list of help topics.
<system>Help_<topic> Help text for <topic>.
Credits_<topic> The credits for <topic>. Optional.
  • <system> is the help system, which may be null for +help, 'wiz' for +wizhelp, 'stf' for +stfhelp, or anything else you may wish.
  • <topic> is the topic, with spaces replaced with underscores. Please keep the topic name to 14 characters or less.
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