Helpdesk Help

This help page is accessed in game by typing 'ghelp'.

The following commands are for HelpStaff:

+glook <name> Look at <name>'s description.
+gcheck <name> Check's <name>'s information (what's set, what's not).
+gapprove <name> Approves the character for entry to the rest of chargen.
+gapp Checks to see who is awaiting approval.
bp <message> For speaking to characters in the birthplace. Heard by all active Helpstaffers and anyone in the Birthplace.
+ghold <name> Sends <name> to the detention room.
+grelease <name> Releases <name> from detention
det <message> For speaking to those in detention.
setnew <name>=on/off adds or removes <name> from the Newbie knot.
+duty on/off Sets you on duty or off duty
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