Gold dragons may only be caught in flights by bronzes (and browns over 35 meters long for Jr golds only, with prior approval from the WizStaff). A brown winning a gold flight is VERY, VERY rare.. More rare in fact then a stands impression.

Greens may be caught by blues, browns and bronzes. But note that greens rise twice a turn, often at the same time as other greens and they do NOT fight like golds do when they rise, but instead try to lure males away from each other. A Weyr consists of over 50 percent greens. A Weyr with 600 dragons has 300+ greens rising twice a turn. So on any given day, a green (or more then one) is out giving willing males a run. A green rising does not have as strong an effect on bystanders as golds do.

Riders have very little, if any control over their dragons joining mating flights when there's a female in heat nearby. Male riders do not calmly watch mating flights from the sidelines, totally unaffected. The male dragons will insist on joining if you have them too close to a proddy female. (See also: +help proddy)

Bronzeriders need to register their interest in participating in Sr flights (becoming a WL) or participating in Jr flights (fathering a clutch).

The following commands are for Bronzeriders only, So Weyrs can know if a rider is willing to take on Weyrleader responsibilities at their Weyr.

+flightregister for <3 letter Weyr code> registers your interest in ALL gold flights at that Weyr.
+unflightregister for <3 letter code> takes you off the list of bronzes interested in gold flights at that Weyr.
+mybronze lists the Weyrs you registered for.
+listbronzes for <3 letter Weyr code> Lists all bronzeriders willing to participate in gold flights at that Weyr with the understanding that they are willing and able to be a Weyrleader IF they win a Sr flight there.

Existing WL's should only register for the Weyr they are WL at.
All other bronzeriders should register for any Weyrs they are willing to be a WL or fly a Jr gold at if needed.

"My weyrmate will gut me with a fork" is not an excuse. The only excuse you can use for not registering is you either have a WW alt (you will be set for flying Jr golds only then) or you are too inactive to be a WL (why did you get a bronze then??). If they go off and win a WL flight, it means they are Weyrleader.. It does NOT mean they now have to sleep with the WW every night. The WW might already have prefered bedmates and dispise the new WL ICly.. The WL's weyrmate should be proud of their mate for being the WL, not all upset cause they slept with the WW during a mating flight. Mirrim rode green and her weyrmate was the WL and rode a bronze. Showing #1. Bronzes obviously chase greens. Theres not enough golds for them all. and #2. Mirrim was NOT the WW, so her weyrmate was with the WW during the flight.

You can register for as many Weyrs as you want, even if you don't live there. If a WL idles out, the list lets the WWs know who is available to replace them. If leadership for a Weyr is replaced for whatever reason, the admin can use the list to pick the new WL from as well.

Registering for NPC Weyrs (TEW and BEW) is okay too. IF we ever open those places in the future, we have an idea if anyone wants to WL there, at least. We like to leave our options open.

The 3 letter codes for the commands are: HRW FOW EAW IGW ISW WEW XAW TEW and BEW.

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