Commands Basic commands for firelizards.
Eggs Help and commands for eggs.
Info General firelizard information.
Mating Firelizard mating information and commands.
Rules PW rules for firelizards.
Sizes Size information


The following commands are currently available for the firelizards on the game:

+fl/list <switch> Used to list various firelizards on the game, dependent on the switch used. Valid switches are:
all - returns the current number (total and broken down by color) of firelizards on the game.
gold, bronze, brown, blue, green (lists all firelizards of each color)
online - lists all firelizards currently connected to the game
who - lists people online and the firelizards they own
+fl/pair <player or firelizard> Lists the firelizards that <player> owns, or says who <firelizard> is paired to.
+fl/fam <firelizard> Shows the parents and possible children of <firelizard>.
+fl/spookfam <name> Displays a list of firelizards who have <name> listed as one of their parents — <name> doesn't have to be a firelizard that currently exists.
+fl/check <firelizard> Displays information about <firelizard>, including proddiness and eggs availible for females.
+fl/wild <firelizard> Sends <firelizard> wild. Use with extreme care.
+fl/ghost <firelizard> Turns <firelizard> into a ghost. Use with extreme care.
+fl/btw <firelizard>=<alias> Sends <firelizard> *between* to <alias>.
redstar Sends all firelizards in your location that belong to unconnected players to Firelizard Island.
redstar-all Sends all firelizards in your location to Firelizard Island. Note: To prevent people from using 'redstar' and 'redstar-all' in a place, set that place Haven. For example, @set here=haven.
+fl/dests <firelizard> Lists the <aliases> for <firelizard> and where they will take you.
+fl/learn <firelizard>=<alias> Add the current location of <firelizard> to the list of *between* destinations with the alias <alias>.
+fl/unlearn <firelizard=<alias> Deletes <alias> from <firelizard>'s list of *between* destinations.
+fl/btwjoin <firelizard>=<other firelizard> Sends your firelizard *between* to the location of <other firelizard>.
+fl/btwme <firelizard> Teleports <firelizard> to you.
+btw no Sets the room you are in to be NOT betweenable by firelizards. * Only relevant for rooms owned by builders!
+btw yes Sets the room you are to be betweenable for firelizards. * Only relevant for rooms owned by builders!

Note: Firelizards can only *between* to public rooms or rooms which their owner owns or is linked to. Public room are any room owned by a builder but which have not been set +btw no. The default is for builder-owned rooms to be betweenable.



The following commands are for firelizard eggs AFTER using +fl/eggcreate (see +flhelp mating2):

+ename <egg>=<newname> Renames <egg> to <newname>
+desc <egg>=<description> Describes <egg> as <description>.
+hmsg <egg>=<message> Sets the message @emitted when <egg> hatches.
+hname <egg>=<name> Sets the hatchling name for <egg> to <name>.
+hdesc <egg>=<description> Sets the hatchling desc for <egg> to <description>.
+credits <egg>=<credits> Sets the credits for <egg>.
+inspect <egg> Displays all the information on <egg>.
+pose <egg|hatchling>=:<pose> Forces <egg|hatchling> to do <pose>. (Note — the : before <pose> needs to be included!)
+hatch <egg> Hatches <egg>.
+impress <hatchling>=<name> Impresses <egg> to <name>.
+wild <egg|hatchling> Sends egg or hatchling wild. (works on self-hatching eggs as well).
+gift <egg>=<name> Turns <egg> into a self-hatching egg and gifts it to <name>.
+selfhatch <egg> Hatches and Impresses a self-hatching egg.

Note: Egg commands can only be used by the characters (or their puppets) that are set as users on the eggs. All the eggs you are a user for are listed when you type +fl/egglist. To use the commands, the egg must either be in you or in your location — <egg> refers to the name of the egg. See +flhelp mating for more info.



MALES: Male firelizards can sire a clutch once they are 1 turn of age or older. Bronzes and Browns can mate with Golds and Green, Blues can mate with Greens only. Ghosting has no effect on the ability of a male to sire a clutch.


  • They first go proddy at: 1.5 turns (Greens) or 2 turns (Golds). (about 4.5 and 6 RL months after they hatch).
  • After they have had a clutch or the +fl/shower command is used, they become proddy again 6 RL months later.
  • The owner of a female firelizard must have had at least 10 hours of activity in the past fortnight (see +activity) for their firelizard to become or stay proddy.
  • Ghosted female firelizards do not go proddy and can not lay eggs.

GREEN CLUTCHES: Green firelizards clutch 3 eggs. They can include every color but bronze and gold. The color of the sire doesn't affect the egg colors for a green clutch.

GOLD CLUTCHES: Gold firelizards clutch 6 eggs. If the sire is bronze, they can have all five colors. If the color of the sire is brown, they can not have a gold egg.
Gold clutches have additional limits: What colors are availible for a gold to clutch depends on the percentage of total firelizards on the game which are the color in question. For instance, if golds make up less than 4 percent of the firelizards on the game, there is a 1 in 3 chance that a gold egg will be clutched. Similarly with the other colors except that the chance is random rather than being limited to 1 in 3. Also, there is a maximum of 2 metallics and 2 females in a gold-bronze clutch and 1 bronze and 2 greens in a gold-brown clutch. This is not a guarantee that you will get those maximums — it is possible to get no metallics or females at all.

There is a maximum number of eggs available on the game at any one time. If there isn't enough eggs to create the clutch when someone tries to use +fl/mate, the mating fails. They can try again until they succeed.
The actual egg objects are owned by GlobalAdmin but locked to the people listed by the code as being allowed to use it.

Any questions, bugs, problems or the like should be directed to Bey.



The following commands concern mating firelizards and dealing with the resultant eggs:

+fl/mate <female firelizard>=<male firelizard> Mates the two firelizards and, if sucessful, generates eggs. There is a limit to how many eggs may be on the MUSH at any one time. If there are too many eggs already in existance it will not allow you to make more — you must try again after some of the existing eggs have been hatched.
+fl/shower <firelizard> This resets <firelizard> so they are no longer proddy and will not become proddy again for 6 months.
+fl/egglist This will list ALL the eggs you can currently control. The numbers beside each egg in +flegglist is how you refer to eggs with the following commands.
+fl/eggshare <egg number>=<name> This allows <name> to control <egg>. If you are giving eggs to someone else to hatch, use this command.
+fl/eggunshare <egg number>=<name> Removes <egg> from the list of eggs that <name> controls.
+fl/eggcreate <egg number> This creates <egg> as a real object.
+fl/eggdest <egg number> This destroys the object of <egg> and returns it to it's original state. However, if <egg> has been renamed while an object, the new name will be retained.

NOTE: Each day, eggs which are over 30 RL days old will be deleted. The Rot by date in +fl/egglist tells you when this will be.



The following rules apply to owning firelizards on this game:

  1. Unless you have donated money to the game for upkeep, you may not have more than three (3) firelizards as real objects.
  2. Firelizards can not be transferred between characters.
  3. If you have more than five (5) firelizards in total, you will be requested to send some wild until you have only five (5) in total (ghosts -and- real).
  4. You may not have more than one (1) female capable of laying clutches. All others must be ghosted, or sterilized by the weyr wizard.
  5. Firelizards can not have ANSI in their name. Firelizards who have ANSI in their names will be renamed by the wizards to the name without the ANSI.
  6. You may not name your firelizard a name already in use on the game. It borks the code. Names will be on a first used basis.
  7. If you have problems with the firelizards, contact the weyr wizard.



Firelizards are measured in centimeters. Below are the -current- ranges for the code that sets the size on FL eggs.

  • Green: 41 - 45
  • Blue: 46 - 50
  • Brown: 51 - 55
  • Bronze: 56 - 60
  • Gold: 61 - 65

If anyone feels these size ranges should be changed, feel free to @mail Bey with your reasons. At the moment, the sizes are arbitrary, based on earlier code so a good reason for a different set of sizes is likely to be acted upon.


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